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Baddhapadmasana-Method, benefits and important

Baddhapadmasana-Method, benefits and important

Binding means that 'Baddhapadmasana' means that when we do this seat, we bind our hands to the feet, hence it is called Baddhapadmasana.

 This asana can be done by a man or a woman, any person, this asana is very beneficial for all individuals but this asana should not be practiced by a pregnant woman or a victim, this seat is a bit difficult, but with constant effort, It soon seems to be the use of this asana that is mostly beneficial to cure constipation, all diseases like arthritis, arthritis and joint pain Is.
Baddhapadmasana-Method, benefits and important


Step 1. Sit in a verbatim process by spreading a valley or carpet at parallel place.
Step 2. Take out your right hand from behind your back and try to catch your right toe thumb and in the same way hold your reverse hand behind your back and hold the thumb of your inverted leg.
Step 3. Begin to do asana Keep in mind that while doing asana, your chest should be straightforward and mix as much as possible with your chin (neck).
Step 4. Now practice your eyes to pay attention to the front of your nose.

Special note - While doing this asana, most people do not reach the toe of their toes behind their back; This happens because their body vein is not purely pure, but many people try their hands If we can not reach the thumb then we can tell another method of this posture which is as follows.

The second method of  Baddhapadmasana

Step 1. The second method of doing the bowl of Padmashasan is like this, first of all, by turning your legs on the flat ground, put your beads on the seam and stand straight on the ground with your feet.
Step 2. Keep both of your hands together above your head in a way that is greeted by the way.
Step 3. This seat is only dependent on the claws and it is also difficult.

Note - By doing this method of Asana, the curvature of the spinal cord of the human being and the elimination of the bone is removed. This asana is more beneficial for all human beings. There are many more advantages of this asana in this way.


1 Continuous this asana makes the neck, shoulders, back, thighs, ankles and hand muscles strong and flexible.
2. After the fever begins, the spleen begins to rise and the liver also starts to deteriorate, so this asana prevents them from getting worse and growing.
3. All the diseases of the stomach which are not cured of medicines, all the diseases are removed in a short time after continuous effort of this asana.
4. The action of  Baddhapadmasana corrects the prana-apan, which makes the mind happy and the body becomes flexible.
5. This asana widens the human chest and eliminates extra fat in the body.
6. This asana provides relief from constipation and after the uterine disorder of the woman and the stomach stains, all the stains are cured and the weakness of the body also gets removed.
7. This seat helps in digestion of indigestion food, as well as cures all diseases of the stomach disorders such as gull, spleen and liver disease.
8. This asana is more beneficial for the growth of our intestines.
Baddhapadmasana-Method, benefits and important

The true advantage of these asanas will be only when you will use this asana in the shelter of our stated method or any qualified Guru.

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