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Bhujangasana (snake pose) - Method,Benefits and Precaution

Bhujangasana (snake pose) - Method,Benefits and Precaution
Bhujangasana is seen as a snake-like snake, hence the name of this asana is Bhujangasana. It makes the muscles of the chest and waist flexible and removes any tension in the waist. This yoga has many advantage, but to get all these benefits, it is also very important to do Bhujangasana correctly. so let us know the method of doing it and its rig...

Method of Bhujangasana (snake pose)

Lay blankets or mat in a flat and clean place. Now lie down on the side of the stomach and keep both legs straight, whipping them together. Mix the thorns and feet of the legs together with the thumb. turn both hand over the floor and keep both palm hanging on the floor. Now take a deep breath and raise the head up, then raise the neck up, chest and then lift the stomach up slowly.
The body should be raised from head to novel only and part of the navel should remain evenly tied to the ground. Try to lift the head slowly and slowly towards the back. keep your eyes upwards. this asana will be complete when the upper part of your body will be lifted up like the head, neck and chest of a snake.
there will be more stretch on the back and down side of the buttocks and waist. In such a state, stop breathing for a few second while looking towards the sky. If you can not stop breathe, then breathe narmally. After this , leaving the breathe before leaving the upper part of the navel, then the chest and forehead on the ground and putting the left cheek on the ground, leave the body loose. Wait a while and again do this action. In this way, do Bhujangasana first three times and after 5 day of practice, do 5 times.

Benefits of Bhujangasana (snake pose)

By doing this yoga, the spinal cord gets strength and flexibility. It keeps better coordination between the brain and the body. The waves coming from the brain reach all the parts of the body without interruption.
The brain and the blood circulation in the body also occur very well when the spine, waist and back muscles get stretched.
Bhujangsana is good for the purification of the lungs. Relieves asthma, cough and lung diseases.
This asana is helpful in reducing your stomach fat.
Having this stretch in the right muscles makes the shoulders stronger.

Precaution of Bhujangasana (snake pose)

While doing this asana suddenly do not bend too much backwards. This can cause strain in your chest or muscles of the back, and muscles of the arms and shoulders may also cause stress, which increases the likelihood of pain.
If there is any diseases in the stomach or excessive pain in the back, then do not post it. peptic ulcer, hernia and hyper thyroid disease patients should be done under the supervision of yoga specialist.

Note : The true advantage of this asana will be only when you will use this asana in the shelter of your stated method or any qualified Guru.

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