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Dhanurasana-method, benefits and precaution.

Dhanurasana-method, benefits and precaution.

Dhanurasana is made up of to words consisting of Dhanu and asana, where Dhanu means Bow and asana means Yoga pose. Therefore it is called Dhanurasana (bow pose) by mixing both words. While doing this asana, the body becomes the shape of the bow. In this yoga pose the stomach and thigh are in the form of a bow. and the lower part of the legs and arms work on the stem portion of the bow. it is a very important asana. which many advantage.

With the help of sagittarius, the weght decreases, along with it strengthens the lower back, protects against asthma, and makes the spine more flexible and keeps many parts of the body healthy.

Method of Dhanurasana 

To do Dhanurasana, lie first on the ground with the stomach.
After this, bend the knees and bend the legs slightly backward while holding the ankles and holding your ankles with your hands.
Now lift the legs slightly and try to stretch your ankles with your hands while breathing.
Keep balance of the stomach's weight while dragging the axes and keep the head perfectly.
Please pay more attention to breathing and quitting while doing this bow pose.
Leave it lightly after one to twenty seconds of breathing and then lay on the floor in the comfort of the pouch. Repeat this process several times.

Benefits of Dhanurasana (bow pose)
Dhanurasana-method, benefits and precaution.

To do Dhanurasana, it is the most stretch in the stomach and its surrounding areas. By doing regular exercise, this asana helps a lot in weight loss and fat reduction.
Dhanurasana helps in improving all the functions of the stomach. It works as a massage of the liver and improves digestion.
This asana makes the blood flow equally in every part of the body and it also works to clean the blood.
Kindly works very well by doing Dhanurasana which helps in keeping  the fluid in the body also balanced.
This asana helps keep the heart healthy. This puts the additional pressure on the stomach towards the heart and strengthens the heart.
This asana causes stress in muscles, back and spine. As a result, it is beneficial get rid of pain in the waist.

Precaution of Dhanurasana (bow pose)

Patients of cardiovascular diseases should avoid this asana. You many have trouble due to stress on the heart.
If you are suffering from hypertension , avoid this asana.
If you are suffering from any disease of the hormones, ulcers, colitis and stomach, then do not do this asana, because this asana has the most pressure on the stomach.
Do not do this asana for at least three hours of eating.
This asana works to steamble the adrenal gland and the nerve center, so the night should not be sagittarius before sleeping.
Pregnant women should nat have Dhanurasana in any situation.

Note: The true advantage of this asana will be only when you will use this asana in the shelter of your stated method or any qualified Guru. 

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