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Exercise and its benefits

Exercise has many benefits in our lives. Regular exercise should be done to keep the body healthy. There are many benefits to exercising. Exercise will keep the body healthy.

When and how to do regular exercise?
Those who want to be healthy and healthy should always exercise. Both men and women should exercise in order to stay healthy and live a restless life.
Exercise and its benefits

When to do exercise?
Keep the following things in mind when it comes to exercising.
1. Can be done in the morning or evening
2 Must have morning roles prior to exercising in the morning.
Exercise without wearing shoes in 3 legs. Shoes should be those that protect your feet.
4 Do not exercise hungry.
5 Exercise after three hours after a meal in general.
6 Exercise by wearing sleeves, trousers and open clothes in the summer season.
7 Wearing warm clothes, track shoots etc. in the winter season.
8 If you have a sweat after exercising, then wearing a track shot will not be possible.
9 After exercising, heart and pulmonary heartbeat can become water and drink breakfast.

How To Exercise?

1 If you have a diagnosis of tuberculosis, pancreatic inactivity, kidney failure or other diseases, consult the doctor before exercising.
2 Exercise can be without any instrument or device included
3 Exercise can be head, dock, different joints of body, arms, legs. Or may also be covering all organs of the body.
4 Exercise can happen in individual or group.
5 Exercise in an environment where the net air is available.

Exercise effect

The bone has become strong, hard, and weighty as a result of the effects of exercise on the osteoporosis. The ability to supply more oxygen to the muscles increases. The heart's efficiency increases in circulatory system. The amount of hemoglobin in the blood increases. The organs of the body become efficient.
The type of exercise
Exercise and its benefits

The following exercises are included in the type of general exercise.
1 Walk-For those who can not play a game, who do not know swimming, they have to do good exercise. Walking exercises are excellent exercises. Karan that all the body tissues in this exercise are functioning simultaneously. Usually, one should walk four to five kilometers daily. Walking tasks do not require any special grounds or equipment. If you are wearing shoes for walking, it is advisable to walk.
2 Swimming-If there is a clean water lake or river for swimming exercise. If you have a swimming pool for swimming, it is very good. Exercise is the most effective exercise for hands and feet. Breathing is also important in swimming exercises. The efficiency of the respiratory system increases.
3 bicycling
The road or track should be smooth for bicycling. Exercise is the most commonly found in bicycling exercises.
4 rope knit-There is no special ground for this exercise. This exercise can also be done in the home room or on a small flat space. This exercise provides both hands and feet good exercise.
Exercise Benefits
The bone strength of the body or the bone strengthens. The bone fracture occurs in less time. The muscles become stronger. Stamina increases. The lung capacity increases. Health is good. The body's efficiency increases. The body becomes strong and arduous.

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