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Gaumukhasana-Method and benefits.

Gaumukhasan-Method and benefits.

In Sanskrit, 'gaumukh' means 'face of cow' or mouth of a cow. The position of foot in this asana is very much like the shape of a cow's face. That is why it is called Gaumukhasan. It is called "Cow Face Pose" in English. It is extremely beneficial posture for women. This asana is very beneficial for arthritis, cytica, indigestion, constipation, metastasis, diabetes, pain in the waist.

Methods(steps) of Gaumukhasana

The way to do Gaumukhasana Yoga is very simple. By understanding the method given below, you can practice this asana with very simplicity.

    Gaumukhasan-Method and benefits.
  • Place the left footed heel on the left side of the good Fold the right foot in such a way so that the right knee comes up and the bottom of the right foot can be touched by the bottom of the thigh.
  • By studying slowly, right heel can be brought to the left thigh.
  • Then take the left hand back first. Bring the left hand from the elbow to the top.
  • Now take the right hand behind the back of the elbows.
  • Highlight the first and second finger of the left hand
  • Bring down the first and second finger of the right hand and hold the fingers of the hand. If fingers move on, try again for two minutes.
  • Breathe slowly Keep the upper part of the body and the head in a straight line. Change hands and feet simultaneously.
  • Thick man will have difficulty in applying this asylum. But this study can be done by continuous study.
  • Four times in the opening week Then increase gradually up to six times. Gradually progressing up to 15 minutes.


  • With this asana, the tumor in the armpit is eroded.
  • This asana is of the level of Padmasana and Siddhasana, then the benefits are achieved by Padmasana and Siddhasana. They can all be obtained from this asana also.
  • This asana removes rheumatism and is for hemorrhoids. This asana removes constipation, dislike, back pain and hand mask.
  • This asana is good for good health.
  • This asana is useful to keep a long face in mind.
  • This asana has a good effect on the small joints of the body. The bones become stronger.
  • This asana makes the chest beautiful. And increases lungs and heart energy.
  • This approaching study removes unnecessary fat accumulation on the buttocks.
  • This asana makes the body smooth and flexible.
  • If your Hemorrhoids are bleeding then this should not be practiced.
  • Do not practice this asana while having pain in the hands and feet.
  • If there is a serious problem in the spinal cord, do not do this yoga at all.
  • Do not force the force if you are having trouble getting your hands behind the back.
  • Do not practice it when there is pain in the knees.
Note: The true advantage of these asana will be only when you will use this asana in the shelter of our stated method or any qualified Guru.

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