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Mayurasana-steps and benefits

Mayurasana, also known as the posture of a peacock. knows how to do Mayurasana about method and benefits. Yoga is aremedy to keep the body healthy coming from ancient times, it keeps balance in our body, mind and spirit. there are many points of yoga: among them, Mayurasana is amajor asana. It can protect you from many diseases of your body. This helps you with stomach problems. let us know in details the way to do mayurasana and its benefits.

Mayurasana is the word taken from sanskrit language. which is made up of two word, in which the the word "mayur" is the meaning of the word "peacock' and the second word "asana' means "pose". Your position in the asana looks like a peacock. It seems as if peacock is sitting on its wings. According to Hindu texts, peacock is a symbol of love and immortality. Mayurasana has many benefits but it is difficult to practice it. it requires practice, after practice you can do it easily. in this asana, the entire body of your body is on both your hands. Let us know in detail how to do the Mayurasana.

Steps of Mayurasana 

  • To do the mayurasana, first sit down on  the knees of a mat in a clean place.
  • Place your hands on the ground, in which you have to place your finger on your feet .
  • Keep your feet close and keep both knees away from you.
  • Both hands should be between your knees.
  • After this, arrange your knees on your stomach well on your stomach, both of which will be right and left of your navel.
  • After this, straighten your legs, stretching backward.
  • Now tilt your body forward and try slowly to bring the full weight of the body on both your hands.
  • Make your body above balance by balancing both hands. only your hands will remain connected to the ground and your whole body will remain in the air.
  • According to your ability, you can stay longer in this asana.
  • Get your feet down on the ground to get back to your initial position.

Benefits of mayurasana 

1. Mayurasana has a lot of benefit for kidneys, pancreatitis and stomach with liver hepatitis.
2. Those who practice this asana continuously do not have diabetes.
3. The peace of mind, this yoga is very good for removing tension.
4. Stomach diseases such as secrete of constipation, gas, indigestion and make digestion very strong.
5. Brilliant on the face, stains do not allow stains to occur.
6. This yogasana is very useful for lungs.
7. Doing this yogasana strengthens the body.
8. Anyone who has disease of sugar immediately removes them.
9. mayurasana is very beneficial to solve any problems related to the eyes.
10. In addition to normal disease, lyurasan strengthens the intestines and other organs. Mayurasana gets rid of stomach and bladder defects.

Caution of Mayurasana

Before taking any yoga, it is very important to know its precautions of doing the Mayurasana.

You should do this asana empty stomach, after keeping your stomach and intestines at least 4 to 6 hours, you should do it.
This asana more beneficial in the morning. if you can not do this asana in the morning, you can do it in the evening.
Pregnant women do not do Mayurasana.
If you have problems with high blood pressure, heart disease, hernia, peptic ulcer, then do not do this asana.
If you experience any kind of pain in this asana, then consult a yoga trainer.

Note: The true advantage of this asana will be only when you will use this asana in the shelter of our stated method or any qualified Guru

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