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Sarvangasana-Methods, Benefits and Tips

Sarvangasana-Methods, Benefits and Tips

This is a important asana. And gives a wonderful advantage. In this asana, all body parts are exercised. All the organs of the body are engaged in this asana. Since all the organs of the body are getting exercise in this asana, it is called Sarvangasana

How to do Sarvangasana
Sarvangasana-Methods, Benefits and Tips

Soak up the back on the back. Then both the nostrils fill the lungs slowly and simultaneously raise the legs together. Then lift the legs, buttocks and back into the achievement line. Support two backs from both sides. Keep the elbows above the ground. Let the part of the shoulder and the garden be fixed to the ground. Be aware that the body is not as it is now. Keep feet straight. Keep breathing normally. Keep your eyes on the toes. Bring the body towards the head to the side and make the body loose. In this seat, the whole body weight is on the shoulder. Attach the chit on the thoroid gland to the front of the throat. This asana can be done twice in the evening. This asana should be done immediately after firing. So all the benefits of Sarvangasana are available. This asana can be done for two and a half hours, gradually for half an hour.

Benefits of Sarvangasana

The circulatory system, respiratory activity, digestive system and blood vessel are systematically functioning. Make the body healthy and give it a spark. The spinal cord resists elasticity. So the youth is preserved for a long time. This seat reduces abdominal and waist fat. Women can also assure this asana. This asana removes womb diseases. Very useful in urinary bladder Prevents wrinkles falling on face. The pain of the bottom of the foot, swelling, inflammation, disorders are due to the study of this asana. This asana provides a very high amount of blood to the ends of the vertebral blood vessel. This asana effectively prevents the dreamer. This asana rampant treatment for genetic and anal disease. This asana is the only tonic available for immediate diagnosis of pneumonia and digestive tract. Nose-ear action is strengthened and impure blood is purified.

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