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Tadasana-methods, benefits and precaution

Tadasana-methods, benefits and precaution

Tadasana is Yogasana. In English it is named Palm tree pose. The length of which use to work. It makes the whole body flexible and prevents it form being tight and hard. It is a Yoga that creates not only the muscles but the subtle muscles too much flexibility. This makes body condition similar to palm tree, that is why it is called Tadasana.
It is believed that by taking protein-rich food and regularly reducing it for ten minutes, the height increases. But this asana is helpful in increasing the height by the age of 23. The specialty of Tadasana is that the lenght of children certainly increases. Let's know the benefits of Tadasana and the way to do it.

Method of Tadasana (Palm tree pose)
Tadasana-methods, benefits and precaution

  • To do this, first place a blanket on the ground and stand upright. Then mix your legs together. Hold the two hands straight by the waist.
  • At this time your body should not move steady movements. meaning the weight of your body should be the same on both of your legs. Now gradually bring hands parallel to the shoulders.
  • Now, bring the fingers of both palms above the head. Now stretching your hands in the air while you breathe, till you do not feel stretched in the shoulders and chest. As long as you wont to.
  • Now lift the edge of both legs, and be careful with the claws. now fold the hand claw upward by  applying a finger lock.
  • At this time your neck should be straight and the palms should be above and that should mean towards the sky. keep in mind that the balance of the body of your feet remains on balance.
  • After some time, stop breathing and bring the hands back over the head. Gradually, the ankles should also be placed on the ground, bringing the two hands down, putting the waist down and reaching the first position. the rest of the time comes in the asana. keep this asana regularly for at least 10-12 times.

Benefits of Tadasana (Palm tree pose)

Tadasana has many benefits, for children who have low height, Tadasana is very beneficial asana. If there is a lot of  pain in your feet or claws, then you should do the Tadasana. it will strengthen yopur legs and there will be no pain in the claws. If your digestive system is weak or you have stomach problems, then you should be cured and you will be healthy.

Precaution of  Tadasana (Palm tree pose)

1. Those who have too much pain in their knee should not do this yoga.
2. Pregnant women should not do this yoga.
3. Those who have headache should not do them.
4. If you are learning to do this asana, then do not try to do this yoga by coming to the fingers of the feet.
5. Tadasana makes the heat rise, but with this easy effort, you also have the need to eat protein-rich food.
6. Do patients with low blood pressure do not do this yoga.
7. If there are serious problems in your hands or feet then do not do this yoga.

Note : The true advantage of this asana will be only when you will use this asana in the shelter of  your stated method or any qualified Guru.

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