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TRIKONASANA- method,benefits.

This asana is standing and there is a seat. This asana is called Trikonasana, because this body is like a triangle with the asana.
Native position: Collect both legs. Both hands straighten the body. Against the eyes Hand fingers attached to the body.
Trikonasana is also very popular among the people to reduce fat from various parts of the body like abdomen, hips and waist. The biggest advantage of Trikonasana is that it can be done easily at any place at any time. Anyone can readily practice this posture without any preparation.
Most of the people who work for long hours in the office or working in the factories, get energy by doing this exercise for a little while during work and then work more actively.

Method of Trikonasana
TRIKONASAN- method,benefits.

Place a left foot of 1 meter to the left, both sides of the shoulder to the left side of the shoulder towards the ground.
Turn the left foot straight and the right paw slightly to the right. Both legs remain straight from the knees.
Tilt the body left out of the waist towards the left. Keep the left hand on the left ankle or on the ground if possible. Pull the right hand upward to the right of the left dough. Both hands will be vertical to the line in a line.
Keeping the head turned towards the right hand towards the right hand (full position)
After being in this position for a while, to get into the original position - straighten the head. Come straight from the waist. And keep both hands parallel to the shoulders. Both legs of the feet turned towards rhythm. Combine the left foot with the right foot and put both legs together and put them on the bottom side.
Note: Perform this action even on the right foot.

Trikonasana-Things to keep in mind: A person with severe disease needs a proper mentor's advice.
Do not do this with Asana Audacity.Wearing the body in the seat with no tilt or back.

Benefits of Trikonasana

TRIKONASAN- method,benefits.Yoga is, however, beneficial for health, but if there is a serious problem in the body or in the wrong way, it can also be dangerous for health. So let's know what precautions you should take care of while doing triangulation.
1. If you have severe back pain or neck pain, avoid triangulation.
2. Persons suffering from migrane should not do this posture too.
3. If a person has diarrhea, high blood pressure problem and has been hurt earlier in the back, then such person should not do triangulation.
4. Those who have dizziness or have a problem of fainting during Yoga, they should not do triangulation at all.
5. Do not resort to knees while doing triangulation or any pressure on it or else it may cause pain in your knees.
6. If you have any problem related to heart, avoid triangularization.
7.Foot muscle is strong.
8.Back and neck diseases are removed.
9.The chest is developed.
10.Useful for heightened adolescence in adolescence.
11.Neurons are bouncing and have fun.
12.Feet and knees are strengthened.

The true advantage of these asana will be only when you will use this asana in the shelter of our stated method or any qualified Guru.

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