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Utkatasana-method and benefits.

The Ut the height and the kat is the buttocks. Since both buttocks are rising in Utkatasana, it is called utkatasana.
Method of Utkatasana-1
Utkatasan-method and benefits.
Standing on the mat. Keeping distance of about 45 cms between both feet.
Both hands keep their hands on the ground.
High on both legs. Keep body weight and hand base. The height of 45 degree angle with heel's land should be as high as possible.
Arrange on those knees which are both hands on the ground.
The fingers of both hands keep the gene parallel as shown in the picture. Keep the body above the waist straight. Look in front. The entire body will remain on the foot.
After being in this position for a fixed period, return to the opposite order.

Things to keep in mind
Initially, it is difficult to maintain body balance on the foot, and if you find it difficult to keep your hands on the ground.
After adjusting gradually to maintain equilibrium, place hands on the knees.
Initially do this asana for a few seconds. However, increasing the study, it can be done for up to a minute.

Benefits of Utkatasana

The balance of the body increases.
Foot  become stronger.

Method of Utkatasana-2

Standing on mat
Both edges should be raised to 45 degrees.
Turn both legs nee.
Utkatasan-method and benefits.Lap body waist Keep the body above the waist straight. The hand should be parallel to the ground, keep the palm over the ground and raise it to the hands.
In this situation a few second to return to the opposite order.

Things to keep in mind
Both hands should be parallel to both layers.
The action of elevating the heel, the action of taking down the pelvic and buttocks and taking the arm up should be done together.
Meditation on Navbhi during Asana

Benefits of Utkatasana-2
Increases the body's balance of power.
The muscles of the hands and legs become stronger.
Make the waist elastic and remove fat deposited on the waist.
This asana is useful in the development of physical and pranayama power.

Note: The true advantage of these asana will be only when you will use this asana in the shelter of our stated method or any qualified Guru.

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