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Uttanpadasana-method, benefits and precaution

Yoga destroys many body diseases. Yoga not only helps maintain body and mental activity healthy but also keeps you from many serious diseases. Today, we are going to tell you about Uttanpadasana yoga. which can help you overcome many diseases. By doing this regularly, you can not only get a toned body, but also avoid problems like gas and acidity. So let us know the method of Uttanpadasana yoga and its benefits.
Uttanpadasana-method, benefits and precaution

First of all, we know what is the meaning of Uttanpadasana. Uttan means lifted up and pad mean the feet. In this asana, feet are raised on the back and hence the name has been given to it. Uttanpadasana yoga is a very important yoga practice. Uttanpadasana plays an important role in reducing stomach fat and inside the stomach. This asana is so powerful that due to its regular practice. This is also called Raised feet yoga.

Method of Uttanpadasana (Raised feet yoga)

Uttanpadasana-method, benefits and precautionTo do this asana, first lie down on the ground after covering the ground on the ground. Now stretch it between legs, spread it apart. After this, put both your hands near the body and apply the palms to the ground. After this take the breath in and lift the legs without turning, gradually raising the angle of 30 degree. Now slowly take the breath in and then slowly release the breath and then gradually leave it out. After staying in this asana for some time, leaving a deep breath will come in normal position. You can repeat it 3-4 times according to your capacity. If you have pain in your waist, then you can do this easy with one foot and then with another leg.

Benefits of Uttanpadasana (Raised feet yoga)

While raising feet in the Uttanpadasana, the pressure on the muscles, which reduces the loss of tissue and pain in the leg. Apart from this, asana also gets rid of the problems of swelling in the legs.
If you have problems like gas, acidity and dyspepsia, then do this regularly. You will get rid of these problems after doing it correctly and regularly.
If you want to reduce belly fat faster, then Uttanpadasana is best for you. you can find toned body figure on this asana regularly. Not only does it give you an aggressive figure, but you can also keep this weight in weight control. Uttanpadasana is so effective that doing it daily makes the abs in the body.
By doing this asana, the digestive system is also correct. this asana also enhances body energy with digesting food. Doing asana in the morning will keep energy in you body for the whole day.
This yogasana is helpful in relieving constipation. Apart from this indigestion, stomach ache and piles also benefit.

Precaution of Uttanpadasana (Raised feet Yoga)

Those who have pain in their waists should not do this asana.
This should not be practiced in the absence of stomach surgery.
Do not practice this asana while suffering from sciatica.
do not do this asana in pregnancy at all.
This yogasana should be empty stomach in the morning or in the evening.

Note: The true advantage of this asana will be only when you will use this asana in the shelter of our stated method or any qualified Guru.

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