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YOGASANA-basic info

 Yoga For Life
YOGASANA-basic info
                The science of yoga is that of common man, individually and socially, in a higher level of life and in the way of happiness peace. Due to the introspection, real conduct and dialogue of the years, we have received the basic knowledge of the basic knowledge as a result of the spiritual quest in the Himalayas caves on this earth. This knowledge has been given to us by early researchers. The health sector scientists are also accepting. He believes that this is a very important tool. A man who is harmoniously leads to a quiet lifestyle. And provides the inspiration for a quiet life. Yoga gives positive health in many areas with the values of life.

Through the study of various organs of yoga, different organs, organs, glands of the body can be made more efficient by giving easy exercise.
Yoga means the science of life development. A person is a target of your life, developing physically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually as a whole in all parts of life. Shastra Yoga is a yoga scripture that gives yoga the right to live fully in the full. Maharishi Patanjali has shown the same limbs of Yoga showing eight limbs. It is popular as the Ashtang Yog due to the eight limbs. The eight organs of Ashtang Yoga are as follows.
YOGASANA-basic info
1 Yama
Yama is also called moral law of conduct in society, religion or practice. Through its practice, pragmudh is done. Social advancement is also possible.
2 Niyama
Rule means self control. It is also a person's own law to practice for themselves. Spiritual advancement can be achieved by acquiring physical and mental health through their study.
3 Asana
Asana means that a stable seat bound for physical health, mental concentration and spiritual upliftment. There are many types of asana. Asana is divided into two ways. 1. Asana 2 for meditation or meditation Asylum for Healthy or Health
4 Pranayama
Pranayama is an important part of yoga. Yoga means worship of Pran. Pranayam can be obtained in the higher role of yoga. Regular study of blood and purity increases the power to fight against diseases of the body.
5 Pratyahariya
Exercise is the fifth organ of yoga. It is known as the gateway to the yoga yoga. Two words are attached to the word "atitari": per + diet
6 assumptions
The general meaning of assumption is concentration. It is possible to increase the concentration of chit, it can be assumed. With the help, the chit can be successfully focused on one place.
7 Attention
It is the meditation of the highest concentration of mind. The art of getting complete control over the human body and mind forever means meditation. Meditation is the process of stabilizing the mind.
8 Samadhi
Samartha is the eighth step in the yoga philosophy of Maharishi Patanjali. There is only one subject of meditation and meditation, but the concentration of the subject only increases. The ultimate goal of yoga is samadhi.

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