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Pawanmuktasana-Methods, benefits and Precaution

Yoga is becoming essential for our changing lifestyle. Due to the increasing pollution and changing catering many problems grab our body. In this way, yoga decreases the risk of many serious problems yoga make the body strong, flexible and beautiful. yoga can be helpful for peaceful mind and good health by reducing mental stress. Today we are telling you about pawanmuktasana. This asana from many stomach problems get rid of it. Through this yoga you can keep yourself calm and happy. let's say the correct method and benefits of pawanmuktasana.
Through the pawanmuktasana the body gets strengthened with the help of which hard work is reduced due to hard work. This asana is helpful in getting relief from heaviness and constipation in the stomach.
Pawanmuktasana-Methods, benefits and Precaution

Methods of Pawanmuktasana 

  • First of all, put a gap or mat in a clean and airy place and lie down on the back of the lie down in the position of Savasana yoga.
  • Now slowly fold your knees  and put the soles on the floor.
  • Now hold the knee above your both hands and breathe the knees of the foot while breathing and keep breath for 20-25 seconds.
  • Then frees both of your knee from both hands, then straighten the legs after returning breath and return to normal position. Repeat this asma 4-5 times with two feet of one by one.

Time to do pawanmuktasana

If you practice it everyday you will get good results. It is more fruitful to practice this asana in an empty stomach during the morning and evening. keep this asana regularly at least 5-10 times.

Benefits of Pawanmuktasana

This asana helps us to reduce the fat of the stomach. fat of fat or fat in other parts of the body is a particularly harmful type of fat which is stored around your organs.
By practicing this asana, all diseases of the stomach are eliminated. diseases of the stomach can cause many diseases. there are some common diseases of stomach acidity, gum and ulcer can be found in all these diseases.
Keep lungs healthy.
It plays an important role in reducing belly fat. it reduces belly fat
This is a very good sum for the stomach. by regularizing if you can avoid many Stomach problems.
In addition to gas in the stomach, it relieve constipation and heaviness of the stomach.
Reduces acidity.
Makes spine strong and flexible.
The digestive system is better.

Precaution of Pawanmuktasana

  • do not post this asana immediately after eating it.
  • Pawanmuktasana yoga should be empty.
  • If there is more pain in the waist or stomach, then do not post it.
  • If there is a normal pain then you should not take nose with knee after lifting the head.
  • Only touching the feet should touch the chest.
  • Women should not do this yoga at the time of menstruation.

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