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baddhkonasana and upvishthkonasana - Curious to overcome the problems of women

  • Baddhkonasana

Sit back in the first place. Then spread the knees and keep the legs in the body. Spread the thighs and knees to the ground. Try to keep the spine bone straight by taking one to five minutes of normal respiratory action. This asana can be done by sleeping in the back.

This asana gives women relief during menstrual discharge. By doing it regularly, the lower part of the abdomen relaxes and feels a mild experience.

This asana is a boon for women, and is also very beneficial in cytica and herniya. It can also be done during the periods.

  • Upvishthkonasana

Sit back in the first place. Then spread both feet in the distance of 1.5 to 2 feet. Keep in mind that the back part of the feet remains completely clogged to the ground. Now put the palm behind the body, leaving the spine on the outer side. Keep the chest blown and the neck straight. Increase the amount of time slowly and slowly for 1 to 5 minutes taking a normal breathing.

Reduces vagaries in the menstrual cycle. This asana is also useful due to the lower part of abdomen, pain in the thighs, fatigue and mental impairment, fortitude, and loss of stability etc. Upvishikanasan is also very useful for managing mindlessness, anger, and even anger at times. Help to increase blood circulation in the pelvic area. This asana is beneficial if women's tendon stops due to any hindrance.

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