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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Healthy food to stay fresh in summer

Add these 5 items to your diet to stay fresh in heat heat
Healthy food to stay fresh in summer

Summer is beginning to start from summer. Every season brings many changes with itself, everything changes from food to clothing. Due to the change in season, it should be given more attention to food as it has the most impact on health. Therefore, it should be included in the food in the summer due to sunflower. Let's know these things and their specialties in the heat.

Watermelon is packed with essential nutrients and plenty of water. It also benefits the body by drinking its juice every morning. Watermelon also contains lycopene, which protects the skin from ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Khaira cucumber
Garlic Cucumber is a fruit that can be eaten as salads, moans, juices or even raw. A small cup filled with cucumber has about 16 calories. If you eat this every day you will get about 4% potassium, 3% fiber and 4% vitamin C, depending on your body's requirement. In addition, there is also a small amount of vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, manganese and vitamin.

Tomatoes have high water content and they are full of vitamin C. In addition, they are also beneficial for health as it contains beneficial chemicals like lymphocytes, which typically help fight against cancer.

To stay fresh in the summer, you must drink a glass of lemon at least once every day. Lemon treatment increases the amount of water in the body and provides relief from the heat. It is also possible to add lemon juice to a little tasty.

The Gourd is filled with essential nutrients and it contains more water that simplifies the process of metabolism in the summer.

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