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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Shirshasana- Methods, Benefits and Precaution

Shirshasana (Headstand)

STARTING POSITION Relax in Child's Pose (see pi 91) for a few moments before you practise Headstand.

Method of Shirshasana

Lean forwards, clasping each hand around fhe opposite elbow and placing your arms about 20crn (Sin) away from your knees on the floor in front of you

Without changing the position of your elbows, interlock your .fingers, keeping your palms open. Your hands and elbows provide the firm tripod base for your Headstand.

Bend over and place the topmost part of your head on the floor, firmly pressing the tripod of elbows and hands against the mat.

Lift your knees off the mat and push your hips up, Hold for a few rhythmical breaths, then
return to Child's Pose (see opposite, above left), If you are stiff in the legs or if your elbows start to lift off the floor, do not continue with Step 5, but instead practise Dolphin again (see pp62-3) and Single Leg Lift (see p58).

Storting from Headstand Step 4, and keeping your legs straight, walk your toes as close to your head as possible. Do not allow your back to collapse.

Breathing slowly and rhythmically, bend your legs and use your lower back muscles to pull your legs
and pelvis up, until you ore firmly balanced on your tripod base. Occasional contraction of your abdominal muscles will prevent you from falling over

Continue to breathe rhythmically, Firmly press the tripod of elbows and hands against the floor. Focus on the point of balance in your lower back, then slowly start lifting your knees until your thighs are vertical and your feet are behind you.

To come into the full pose, extend your knees and take your legs straight up. Avoid any tension in your legs and feet. Hold for 1 -5 minutes, then come down by following Steps 7-1, in that order. Relax in Child's Pose (see pi 91) for at least 6 deep breaths, then lie in Corpse Pose (see pi 88) for 1 minute.

Benefits of Shirshasana

Regularizing hermaphrodite regularly can help you recover from digestive diseases.
With circulation, the blood circulation process in the body starts functioning smoothly.
Headache strengthens the body and makes the body fertile.
Through head surgery, blood circulation increases in the brain, which helps in enhancing memory.

Precaution of  Shirshasana

For the first time, headship should be done under the supervision of a yoga specialist.
If you are feeling unwell at a little bit then you should refrain from heading.
Those who are less visible or have any other eye-related problems, they should not be summoned.

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