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Yoga Thearpy and Diet

People use work as a drug when life is dull. we tend to overwork easily to meet our ineffectiveness.
Strike the right balance between work and play. the increased  mental and spiritual energy along with sense of freshness due to practice of yoga, enable us to find implement such balance.
Problem Shoulder and Neck
The tension in the nerve centre between neck and shoulders forewarn of headaches.
The exercise stretching the spine and then twisting it along its entire length help in drawing out disturbing tension of the area. During such exercises keep your chin up and head turned in the direction of the twist and looking along the nearby shoulder.

Problem of Headache and Migraine
In many cases it is caused with a guilty feeling of haven't done better and constructive rather than enjoying what has been achieved and feel relaxed.
The simple basic constructive exercises should be performed slowly with a deep thinking of the relaxation occurring in the neck and shoulder, which hold the disturbing tensions.

Problem of Anxiety and Depression
Many of the ailments are caused by our inability to cope with stress.
The relaxation and proper breathing calm the mind. The complete breath uses the full, natural power of the lungs and then thorough emptying, provide strength and relaxation, due to that extra oxygen.

Problem of  Blood pressure
These are caused by our wrong habits, poor health, hurry and worries. they can be of high or low type and need to be controlled soon lets other diseases crop in.
In case of high B.P. the long inhalation and exhalation in sitting and lying position separately along with alternate nostril breath is suggested. For low B.P. the long inhalation and exhalation in lying position, alternate nostril breath and shoulder stand is recommended. Don't feel any strain in this breathing exercises. proceed gradually as the exercises become easier. savasana is also useful.

Problem of Insomnia
If we remember that peace and calmness lies in ourselves, our minds could rest at will.
The inverted positions are useful because of the increased flow of blood to the head leading to positive sense of harmony.

Problem of Hyperacidity
Every time there is an intake of food by the stomach, the vagus nerve which is a part of the parasympathetic nervous system becomes active and make the stomach secret juices in order to digest the food. this juices are highly acidic in nature.
The vagus nerve also triggers this secretion when your  under stress or are in an emotional state of anger or jealousy. this could easily damage the lining of the stomach walls. This condition when there is excessive gastric juice in the stomach is called Hyperacidity.
The health of the stomach is maintained by a very delicate balance of these factors, the blood supply to the stomach walls, the quantity of acid in the stomach wall. the mucus coat protects stomach wall from the acid. any imbalance in these factors can lead to stomach disorders.
Stress is the main factor for hyperacidity as it makes the vagus nerve hyperactive. as a result a high quantity of acid is produced which disturbs the balance. stress also effects the blood supply to the stomach wall which in turn effects the quantity of the mucus coat making the stomach wall more vulnerable to the acid. 

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