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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Yogmudrasana - Steps, Benefits and precaution

Yogmudrasana - Steps, Benefits and precaution

While sitting in Padmasana, place the right-hand palm on the navel first and place the palm of the left hand on the right hand. Then bending forward and bending forward, choke it on the ground. Keep the eyes open. Come back while filling inhalation inside. In this way do 4-5 frequency. This is called the yoga posture. It can do it only by sitting in Vajrasana.

While sitting in Padmasan, take both hands behind the back and holding the wrist on the left hand with the right hand. Touch the chin on the ground while leaving the breath, keep your eyes open. If the chin does not seem to be on the ground, then bend the opposite power. This seat can be done in Vajrasana too. Some people also do this posture by putting bound Padmasana.

Lie on the back of the back on the soft bed. Keep the hand adjacent and both feet bent. Now lift your feet slowly and raise the waist portion too. Now support the waist with the palms of both hands. Keep the part of the chin away from the chest.

Benefits of Yogmudrasana

Regular practice of yoga meditation relieves many diseases related to stomach and intestinal disorders. Blood disorders are far away. The heart is strong. Stomach fat ends. Mental power grows. The body is strong. If there is a problem of constipation and gas then this posture is very beneficial.

Precaution of Yogmudrasana

Yoga should be done according to its capacity. If you do more than your capacity, then you may have to face the loss.
Men or women suffering from hernia, hypertension, pregnancy and ciliate do not do this posture.
Keep Asana under the supervision of an accomplished Yoga instructor.

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