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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Garudasana-Methods, Benefits and Precaution

Garudasana Yoga is a very important asana of one. It pulls the waist, thigh, back, and shoulders in the upper part. The position of the person doing this seat is asana as an eagle.

Methods of Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

  • Stand in Tadasana
  • Fold your knees and lift the left leg and turn it on the right foot.
  • Note that the right foot should be hinged on the ground and the left thigh is on the right thigh. I should move the left toe to the ground.
  • Bring your hands in front of the front and parallel to the front.
  • Cross the right hand over the left hand and fold your elbow in an angle of 90 degrees from the ground. Note that the back parts of the hands are towards each other.
  • Slowly move the hands in such a way that the palms come in front of each other.
  • Raise the palms upwards while pressing the palms on each other.
  • Keep your vision constant and stay in this state and keep breathing and keep away.
  • Gently leave the hands and bring it next to you.
  • Take the left leg slowly and keep it on the ground and come back to Tadasana.
Benefits of Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

  • There is a vertical stretch to stand. In this posture, the faults of the lower part of the waist are removed. Such as waist pain, slip disc, etc.
  • The removal of egg cell growth and hernia (degradation of the intestine) is removed.
  • Arthritis, spinal cord, knee, joints are cured.
  • Hands shake hands. The pulse group is bullish.
  • Tiredness is delayed if it lasts long or standing up too late.
  • Grip in the legs is fine.
  • All the faults of the anus and the bladder are removed.
  • The flexibility remains in the body.

Precaution of Garudasana

  • If you have pain or injury in the knees, then you do not do this posture.
  • Those who have pain in the elbow, those people should not have this posture.
  • Pregnant women should consult a doctor before doing Garudasan.
  • If there are injuries in your shoulders or wrists then you should avoid doing this asana.
  • Do this posture by taking the support of the wall to avoid falling while doing this asana.

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