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Monday, 8 July 2019

Yoga asana for weight loss


Regular practice of yoga meditation relieves many diseases related to stomach and intestinal disorders. Blood disorders are far away. The heart is strong. Stomach fat ends. Mental power grows. The body is strong. If there is problem of constipation and gas then this posture is very beneficial.

Bhujangasana (Snake Pose)

By doing this yoga, the spinal cord gets strength and flexibility. It keeps better coordination between the brain and the body. The waves coming from the brain reach all the parts of the body without interruption.
The brain and the blood circulation in the body also occur very well when the spine, waist and back muscles get stretched.
Bhujangsana is good for the purification of the lungs. Relieves asthma, cough and lung diseases.
This asana is helpful in reducing your stomach fat.
Having this stretch in the right muscles makes the shoulders stronger


To do Dhanurasana, it is the most stretch in the stomach and its surrounding areas. By doing regular exercise, this asana helps a lot in weight loss and fat reduction.
Dhanurasana helps in improving all the functions of the stomach. It works as a massage of the liver and improves digestion.
This asana makes the blood flow equally in every part of the body and it also works to clean the blood.
Kindly works very well by doing Dhanurasana which helps in keeping  the fluid in the body also balanced.
This asana helps keep the heart healthy. This puts the additional pressure on the stomach towards the heart and strengthens the heart.
This asana causes stress in muscles, back and spine. As a result, it is beneficial get rid of pain in the waist.


If you want to reduce belly fat faster, then Uttanpadasana is best for you. you can find toned body figure on this asana regularly. Not only does it give you an aggressive figure, but you can also keep this weight in weight control. Uttanpadasana is so effective that doing it daily makes the abs in the body.


Regular practice of this asana strengthens the digestive. The spinal cord is strong. it helps in reducing obesity and annecessary fat. Make the body flexible. runs away paralysis and weaknesses of the body. by which the body becomes stunning and nimble. the practice of dreamy disease is also overcome by its practice.


 If you have severe back pain or neck pain, avoid triangulation.Persons suffering from migrane should not do this posture too. If a person has diarrhea, high blood pressure problem and has been hurt earlier in the back, then such person should not do triangulation.

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